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Photo of a digital painting of a tropical wave
Photo of a digital painting of a tropical wave
Sunny Breakers

There is a new shop in town that is set up with my works! I am officially on Society6, where my artwork and photography will be printed on furniture and decor items such as tables, murals, wallpaper, and much more! Please come visit and check out my shop on Society6!

Published by E.A. Pritchett

I am a hardworking wife and mother of one daughter who loves my family and friends, art, writing, baking, and cake decorating. I bring passion into everything I do, from loving my family to creating and designing. Drawing and painting are the arts I am the most passionate about, but any aspect that involves creating, such as cake decorating, graphic design, digital artwork, or even writing, I enjoy divulging into. I express myself in the works I create with pop, flair, and personality. I have always enjoyed reading, writing, drawing, painting, crocheting, and playing video games, and I use the passion in doing these as hobbies, to turn them into a blissful career. I hope to have the honor of my next creative piece being for you.

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