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The Artist’s Mind and Secrets Inside

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Secrets of the Artist’s Mind?

The mind has always been a mystery even for those who study it. Many people study the mind to unlock the secrets of the brain and its effects on us as humans. The health of the mind, including anxiety and depression, is a very relatable subject to many, myself included.

Previously I wrote Anxiety And The Arts and discussed anxiety in particular for artists, writers, and creators, and how it affects us and our works. I want to take the discussions a step further.

However, this is a very personal and difficult topic to share. I usually struggle to talk about this as I am a very private person. It is often difficult to open up about depression and anxiety. There are numerous causes and effects it has had on me as a person over the years. Even when I was first diagnosed, loved ones were stunned due to well kept the secret of my inner turmoil was.

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I will start by saying, I am not a doctor by any means. Nor am I a certified psychologist, cognitive therapist, or any such combination thereof. My words are not meant to replace anything a doctor, therapist, or any other healthcare professional has said. These are merely the words of a wife and mother, an artist and writer, who struggles with her own battle with depression and anxiety.

My hopes are to provide comfort, support, and even impart knowledge based on personal experiences and interactions. I am not perfect by any means. Some of the various advice and experiences are things I struggle with myself.

Photo of a painting called Screaming Essence
Screaming Essence by E. A. Pritchett of Lizzy Pritty Arts

It is a classic “do as I say, not as I do” sentiment. Ironically that is the thing about depression and anxiety. We may know something in our hearts is true, whereas our minds tell us otherwise. A perfect example of this is something that is very common with me. I often advise others to open up and talk about their concerns and thoughts. Especially when things are overwhelming. It sounds very cliche and possibly even obvious.

I plan to delve further into the artist’s mind with many more posts in the future. Therefore, as this article is only delving into the basics I won’t get too much further, with plans to refer back to this article in the future. In other words, my main focus with this article is simply to begin to share my experiences with other artists, writers, mothers, wives, or any person with anxiety and depression. Knowing others experience the same or similar feelings, emotions, and struggles and may know that they are not alone.

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