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“I Don’t Have The Time” – #1 Devastating Excuse

bored formal man watching laptop at desk
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“I Don’t Have The Time”

Today’s topic has been on my mind the entire weekend: making time. In today’s world, we are often caught up in day-to-day things and everyday lives. Many of us have said at least once, “I don’t have the time.” There are numerous reasons we as humans forget about the world around us to focus on our own. It can be things such as work, family, or even spending time with friends.

We are often so busy and forget what is important in life. I know I am guilty of this as well. For example, my goal is to post a blog article once a day if possible, or multiple posts to make up for days “missed” for various reasons.

The reason this particular post has been on my mind is due to this particular weekend being very busy, from seeing family, trying to keep a toddler occupied and busy, and even focusing on aspects to finalize getting my freelancing gigs underway. With the weekend so busy, it was very difficult to find time to sit down to breathe, let alone write an article. That is not to say there were not articles and topics bouncing through my head.

There were small moments where there may have been a few minutes to sit and focus on writing, but overall, despite my efforts, the time escaped me. Thankfully I had ideas and topics that stayed with me throughout the weekend, but my own life experiences even beyond this weekend have led me to always appreciate the smallest and the most important things.

Every moment is precious, and we should not squander it. Though there are times where we will not have the time, or we tell ourselves “I don’t have the time” for this or that, the goal is to always try to make time, not just for the necessary things, such as work or making a living, but to also spend time with friends, family, and remember the important things in life. We need to turn the “I don’t have the time” into an “I will make time” statement.

Thus my current article. Things are still chaotic for this weekend, but I am taking the time to at least get one blog article in place, and pen my thoughts and ideas to paper. I cannot be successful if I do not apply myself in all areas of my life.

Despite the busy, chaotic weekend, I have made the time to apply myself to work, and also to focus on family and loved ones. If nothing else comes from my short article, then hopefully at least the concept to love and appreciate all aspects of life, no matter how trivial or important, and use it to always make the time for both the joys and the necessities.

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