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Ideal Artist Writer Office Studio Space

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Every artist or writer asks one particular question. Where am I going to work? Will it be inside or outside, basement or a bedroom? These are valid questions we ask ourselves. A dedicated studio or office space is important to an artist or writer is because this is the place we go to work. Although we may travel around to paint gardens or write in coffee shops, most work occurs in office spaces or studios. This is assuming so long as there is a dedicated space for it.

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Every artist and writer set up their office studio in a different way. For example, a writer’s office space may require plenty of light to enable them to see papers on the desk. On the other hand, a photographer may require a dark room to develop traditional print photos. Another example would be videographers, such as for YouTube videos or TikTok. These artists require space that enables plenty of backlighting to highlight the areas needing focus. A painter may require an area with running water to rinse brushes. A logo designer may require a large desk space for a computer with multiple monitors and things spread across the desk. The list goes on!

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Some further questions may include what do we need in the space? An example includes a computer and pen and paper for basic writer’s needs. Photographers will need an enlarger for their negatives as well as a place to store their equipment. Moreover, videographers will need a place for their subject matter to sit or stand and a space for their camera. That painter may require an easel, a brush stand, a sink, a table, and subject matter to paint. The logo designer will operate best with a drawing tablet. In addition, they may need graphic design software on the computer. Nearly every artist will also need color swatches for comparison.

To conclude, I want to mention what my dream space would entail. I am an artist of multiple styles of art, including graphic design, painting, drawing, and writing to list a few. As such, my dream space would have multiple elements as well. Ideally, I would like a space with indoor and outdoor space. Moreover, I require an area that could also efficiently home a desk with at least three monitors. The idea that comes to mind, it converting a greenhouse space into an office and studio.

The natural light will create beautiful arrays of color. Any glass panes could be covered with darkening curtains as necessary. I of course would also require running water and air conditioning. If too much sunlight obscures a computer monitor, the blackout curtains can be drawn. The ceiling would have a covering that could be moved for more or less direct light.

Natural light would help because sunlight provides vitamin D, which can help with anxiety and depression. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is not uncommon for artists to exhibit one or both. An area that is lit naturally would be beneficial to an artist’s psyche. I know not every artist would dream of a space like this, but for me, this would be an artist and writer’s paradise.

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