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The Artist’s Mind and Secrets Inside

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Secrets of the Artist’s Mind?

The mind has always been a mystery even for those who study it. Many people study the mind to unlock the secrets of the brain and its effects on us as humans. The health of the mind, including anxiety and depression, is a very relatable subject to many, myself included.

Previously I wrote Anxiety And The Arts and discussed anxiety in particular for artists, writers, and creators, and how it affects us and our works. I want to take the discussions a step further.

However, this is a very personal and difficult topic to share. I usually struggle to talk about this as I am a very private person. It is often difficult to open up about depression and anxiety. There are numerous causes and effects it has had on me as a person over the years. Even when I was first diagnosed, loved ones were stunned due to well kept the secret of my inner turmoil was.

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I will start by saying, I am not a doctor by any means. Nor am I a certified psychologist, cognitive therapist, or any such combination thereof. My words are not meant to replace anything a doctor, therapist, or any other healthcare professional has said. These are merely the words of a wife and mother, an artist and writer, who struggles with her own battle with depression and anxiety.

My hopes are to provide comfort, support, and even impart knowledge based on personal experiences and interactions. I am not perfect by any means. Some of the various advice and experiences are things I struggle with myself.

Photo of a painting called Screaming Essence
Screaming Essence by E. A. Pritchett of Lizzy Pritty Arts

It is a classic “do as I say, not as I do” sentiment. Ironically that is the thing about depression and anxiety. We may know something in our hearts is true, whereas our minds tell us otherwise. A perfect example of this is something that is very common with me. I often advise others to open up and talk about their concerns and thoughts. Especially when things are overwhelming. It sounds very cliche and possibly even obvious.

I plan to delve further into the artist’s mind with many more posts in the future. Therefore, as this article is only delving into the basics I won’t get too much further, with plans to refer back to this article in the future. In other words, my main focus with this article is simply to begin to share my experiences with other artists, writers, mothers, wives, or any person with anxiety and depression. Knowing others experience the same or similar feelings, emotions, and struggles and may know that they are not alone.

Fine Art America Billboard Contest 2021

Photo of a painting called Sunset In The Tropics - contest entry
Sunset In The Tropics
Photo of Painting: Sunrise Season - contest entry
Sunrise Season

The following three links will take you to where you can vote one each of my three contest submissions, and the the contest can be found here on Fine Art America.

Each image that gets at least 100 votes will become a contest finalist and get featured on the Fine Art America #FineArtAmerica Instagram account.

On September 15th, a panel of judges will review all of the finalists and pick twenty winning images to appear on billboards throughout the United States during the fall and winter. All billboards will be located near major metropolitan areas (e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.)

Photo of a painting called Mountains Of Paradise - contest entry
Mountains Of Paradise

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Lizzy Pritty Arts Art Print Shop - Art Print Product

Print on Demand Art Shop – Threadless

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There is an expression that says “never put all of your eggs in one basket.” I have been gradually uploading my artwork for on various print on demand art shop platforms. So far I have had Society6, DeviantArt, Redbubble, and now Threadless is the latest endeavor.

I am always open to suggestions or comments on various art shop portals. Feel free to post comments providing your feedback!

Never Too Late To Learn A New Skill

Photo of people learning - skill

The old expression is, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and to an extent, this can be true. However, it is never too late to learn a new skill. One may never necessarily be great at it, but it can still be learned. I have been learning numerous new skills lately, myself.

I have always enjoyed learning. So for me to be able to take the time to learn new skills that can help me increase my chances of success, is huge! I am not being paid to advertise this, but one such location is SkillSuccess. They have hundreds of courses to choose from. I have already completed numerous ones and I plan to continue learning.

Photo of someone learning - skill

When I first got my subscription, there was a Groupon deal for SkillSuccess, so I decided to try it out. I love it! They have all types of skills, from bartender courses to Adobe and Microsoft product education courses. Some courses, like with anything, are better than others. Overall, most of the courses I have been more than satisfied with and have been able to utilize for my art skills.

Overall, I feel learning is and always will be a valuable asset.

Sunset In The Tropics - Lizzy Pritty Arts Art Print Shop - Art Print Product

Dazzling RedBubble Art Prints on Various Products

RedBubble Online Shop for Beautiful Art Prints

Artwork Photo of a painting called Mountains Of Paradise
Mountains Of Paradise

Come and check out my shop on RedBubble, where you can purchase prints of my artwork on various objects, such as mugs, duvets, shirts, clocks, and more! Some examples can be seen below!

Beautiful Society6 Shop Art Prints Products

Society6 Logo Image

Society6 Shop

image of a T-shirt - Skele-Flames - Lizzy Pritty Arts

There is a new shop in town that is set up with my works! I have officially opened a new art print store online, where my artwork and photography will be printed on furniture and decor items such as tables, murals, wallpaper, and much more! Please come visit and check out my shop!

Society6 is a print on demand shop for artists. Artists submit images of their art pieces and/or designs, and the company handles the printing and shipping. The products vary from T-shirts and tapestries, wall art and furniture.

Any and all forms of art can be found across the site. Some are simple designs, while others are more complex creations. The customization of the artwork images onto the products is more limited than other platforms. Some of the images do not appear very well on some products, while look stunning on others.

Though the site currently is limited on how their artists can promote their work and products, they are working on new integrations. Some of these include posting to Facebook and other social media, as well as the option of embedding code into the artists official site to display a micro version of the shop from Society6.

Overall the site is very well laid out and easy to navigate. Definitely recommended for artists to try and sell prints of their works.

Photo of a painting called Sunset In The Tropics

Stunning Custom Landscape Paintings – On Fiverr

Photo of a painting called Sunset In The Tropics - custom landscape painting

Custom Landscape Paintings

If you are looking for a custom landscape painting to adorn your home or office then look no further! I will paint one custom landscape piece in either watercolor, acrylic, or oil paint. Please come check it out on Fiverr!

Photo of a digital painting of a tropical wave

The 8″ X 10″ package will include:

  • Paintings will be on canvas for acrylic and oil paintings, and specialty watercolor paper for watercolor painting.
  • Two revisions only. This does not include starting over from scratch.
Photo of Landscape Painting: Autumn Lakes

The 11″ X 16″ package will include:

  • Paintings will be on canvas for acrylic and oil paintings, and specialty watercolor paper for watercolor painting.
  • Two revisions only. This does not include starting over from scratch.
Photo of Landscape Painting: Sunrise Season

The 16″ X 20″ package will include:

  • Paintings will be on canvas for acrylic and oil paintings, and specialty watercolor paper for watercolor painting.
  • Two revisions only. This does not include starting over from scratch.

* All pricing does include shipping costs. Pricing is non-negotiable.

Photo of Landscape Painting: Lakeside Tranquility

** Please note: these are landscapes. While some objects or people can be included, the main focus will be on the landscape and scenery.

* If you would like a painting in a different size, please message me and we will discuss a custom size or shape.

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Ideal Artist Writer Office Studio Space

artist sketchbook with art supplies on table
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Every artist or writer asks one particular question. Where am I going to work? Will it be inside or outside, basement or a bedroom? These are valid questions we ask ourselves. A dedicated studio or office space is important to an artist or writer is because this is the place we go to work. Although we may travel around to paint gardens or write in coffee shops, most work occurs in office spaces or studios. This is assuming so long as there is a dedicated space for it.

beautiful woman taking selfie against mirror artist
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Every artist and writer set up their office studio in a different way. For example, a writer’s office space may require plenty of light to enable them to see papers on the desk. On the other hand, a photographer may require a dark room to develop traditional print photos. Another example would be videographers, such as for YouTube videos or TikTok. These artists require space that enables plenty of backlighting to highlight the areas needing focus. A painter may require an area with running water to rinse brushes. A logo designer may require a large desk space for a computer with multiple monitors and things spread across the desk. The list goes on!

artist painter painting a woman

Some further questions may include what do we need in the space? An example includes a computer and pen and paper for basic writer’s needs. Photographers will need an enlarger for their negatives as well as a place to store their equipment. Moreover, videographers will need a place for their subject matter to sit or stand and a space for their camera. That painter may require an easel, a brush stand, a sink, a table, and subject matter to paint. The logo designer will operate best with a drawing tablet. In addition, they may need graphic design software on the computer. Nearly every artist will also need color swatches for comparison.

To conclude, I want to mention what my dream space would entail. I am an artist of multiple styles of art, including graphic design, painting, drawing, and writing to list a few. As such, my dream space would have multiple elements as well. Ideally, I would like a space with indoor and outdoor space. Moreover, I require an area that could also efficiently home a desk with at least three monitors. The idea that comes to mind, it converting a greenhouse space into an office and studio.

The natural light will create beautiful arrays of color. Any glass panes could be covered with darkening curtains as necessary. I of course would also require running water and air conditioning. If too much sunlight obscures a computer monitor, the blackout curtains can be drawn. The ceiling would have a covering that could be moved for more or less direct light.

Natural light would help because sunlight provides vitamin D, which can help with anxiety and depression. As I mentioned in a previous post, it is not uncommon for artists to exhibit one or both. An area that is lit naturally would be beneficial to an artist’s psyche. I know not every artist would dream of a space like this, but for me, this would be an artist and writer’s paradise.

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Freelance: Advantages & Disadvantages

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Freelancing: sounds like everyone’s dream right? No daily commute into work, no boss hovering over your shoulder, being able to work in pajamas from bed, and spend half the day shopping on Amazon or catching up on Facebook? Sounds ideal. Unfortunately, like with all things, it is not entirely as it seems. Though there are many perks to being a freelancer, there are also numerous disadvantages.

I am sure many are wondering, “What could be so bad about working from home, being your own boss, working in your pajamas from bed?” The simple answer is nothing is necessarily bad about it. It is, however, much more work than appearances would have one believe. It isn’t about putting out an ad or two and waiting for traffic to appear on your site. It is not typically a “get rich quick” principle. There is a lot of hard work involved.

I have only made the transition to be a freelancer within the past month myself. In that time, though there has been very little income, the hard work was still put in. Day after day of preparations and even classes and tutorials to relearn old skills and obtain new ones. The process is still ongoing. So what exactly are some of the pros and the cons of being a self-employed freelancer or contractor?

mad formal executive man yelling at camera
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Be your own boss:

Pros – Yes. You can indeed be your own boss. Any decision made is made entirely by you. Don’t like that color stationary? Gone. Don’t want to have someone constantly checking your work over your shoulder? No more worries! It can be freeing and liberating to know that if you are running a little late because of your toddler, that you won’t get a stern lecture or write-up from your supervisor or boss. You can dress the way you want so long as you don’t need to do any video conferences with clients or customers.

Cons – So what could be a con to being your own boss? Well most importantly, is you will be handling your taxes each year, and I do not mean inputting a simple W-2 into some form of tax software. Freelance work involved documents such as 1099-NECs, or tracking expenses incurred (buying business cards, art supplies, a website, starting costs, cellphone usage, etc). No one can do that for you when you are a freelancer unless you hire a tax specialist or n accountant. Every receipt needs to be maintained for tax purposes, not just for filing taxes, but also in case of IRS audits. It can be daunting, however, with the proper organization will assist with this process.

Finding the Business:

man wearing brown suit jacket mocking on white telephone
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Pros – So I will be first to admit that the major pro for this is something I experienced numerous times in corporate jobs. I cannot even keep track of the number of times I have had a customer I was trying to assist, they ask for something that was unfortunately against company policy, and I was not able or allowed to bend the rules for the customer, I would tell them I cannot do what they are asking because it was against company policy, and they ask for a manager who then gives them whatever they want, making me look like a liar for following protocol.

The most common question always being asked or implied “can I get this item for as little money as possible, maybe even free?” In most corporate jobs, there may be a little leeway to assist a customer or client and maybe give them a discount. Very rarely do corporate jobs allow something to be given away for free, and trying to convey that doing something against company policies and protocols can cost someone their job is nearly impossible at times.

Nevertheless, not having to rely on a manager or supervisor to get permission to assist a customer, or even having the ability to turn away a customer who becomes threatening or unreasonable can be a major pro. You can select the target audience. For example, most historical romance fiction is targeted towards women in their twenties and thirties. However, a freelancer can also write a novel to appeal to slightly older audiences. A freelancer can also choose if they want to sell their artwork on platforms such as Etsy and Fiverr, set up a personal e-commerce shop on their website, self-publish, or even sell items at local fairs and events. The sky is the limit!

Cons – Simply put for this, is two different topics: one being no protection of a corporate policy (unless you and your business eventually become incorporated) or managers to help handle the heat, and the other being knowing where and how to find the clients that will be the foundation for your freelance work. What this means is that you as the freelancer will need to advertise yourself and your skills.

This entails advertising, building profiles on platforms such as Etsy or Fiverr, and putting yourself out there to attract potential clients and customers interested in your set of skills. There are numerous ways to do this and search engines can be a huge help and step in the right direction. Not only can customers search for you as your skills become more known, but you can also search for the markets that offer your set of skills.

The list does continue far beyond this, but this is a good foundation for some of the pros and cons of being a freelancer.

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Why Do I Want To Be An Artist & Writer?

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I feel this is a question many artists and writers have asked themselves: Why do I want to be an artist and/or writer? For me, there are numerous reasons. I have always enjoyed the arts, as my previous posts have implied. Nothing gives me the same type of joy that art and writing do. Even sitting down to crochet a scarf or sketch elements of the human face brings joy to my heart. Yet, that does not truly answer why I want to be an artist and a writer. What truly drives me down this path?

clear light bulb placed on chalkboard
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The honest answer is both simple and complex. Simply stated is because I want to and it is what makes me happy. The more complex answer lies in the details behind the simple answer. I want to bring joy, not just to myself, but to everyone. Art and writing are a way to express myself and bring joy to others through paints and words. More importantly, I want to be an artist, because it is the one career path that I have felt such joy with.

Being an artist is not a “get rich quick” path by any means, especially for a freelancer. However, through hard work and diligence, one can be successful. I have tried numerous career paths, but nothing brings the same joy that painting on canvas or putting words on paper does. No other job or career fits me as a person. So ultimately, why do I want to be an artist and writer? Art and writing are what makes me feel complete!

Experiences – Visual Arts Such As Drawings, Paintings, Scupltures, and Pottery

Photo of a clay sculpture of a dessert
Pottery/Sculpture made from Clay of a Cake Dessert

Now it is time to discuss the visual arts experiences in more depth. The original post can be referenced under the Experiences article. Visual arts can be a very broad category to include sculpture and pottery all the way to drawing and painting. I have experimented with myriad art forms over the years, and I have learned numerous things over the years. The first thing is that I am decent with medium on a paper. Maybe not the best, but certainly not the worst either. The second thing, is that I am terrible at 3-dimensional art. That is not to say I haven’t created great 3-D works. I have one art piece I completed in high school and our assignment was to find a picture of a dessert or other food item, and re-create that dessert from clay. After the clay was baked in a kiln, we then painted the food item. Mine was a decadent looking slice of cake. For many years, my parents kept that as a decoration on our kitchen table, and we have had guests try to put their finger in the icing! I have had other pieces, such as trying to create a vase, that looked like a blue, dilapidated pile of poo.

photo of a drawing of sailor moon character mini moon
Drawing of sailor moon character mini moon

The main focus is on drawing and painting. It is hard to know where to begin. I love it and I always have. Even in elementary and middle school, I would often draw anime characters, Sailor Moon in particular. I won’t lie and say I created exceptional drawings. Some of my pictures looked like my characters suffered from eating disorders. There were always the occasional ones, some of which I still keep to this day, though not very many of them.

Photo of Artwork Masked Boxed Impression
Masked Box Impressions

I didn’t get to take any true art classes until high school. Though we had the kids version of art classes in elementary school, I didn’t really have anything truly develop until late middle school. By high school I was slowly developing a small talent for cartoon characters. In my junior year of high school I finally got the chance to take an art class. One semester was dedicated to 2-D arts, such as drawing and painting, and the other semester dedicated to the 3-D arts. This was the time I made the dessert out of clay. This is also the time that many of the pieces on my portfolio page were created. I definitely got to experience a wide array of art forms and mediums. Nothing satisfied me more than drawing and painting.

Photo of Artwork: Teacher

My senior year of high school enabled me to take both Arts and Crafts as well as Drawing and Painting classes. While some of the pieces on the portfolio page are from 2-D art class, even more occurred during my Drawing and Painting class. I learned many of my skills from this class. I had an amazing time creating the works. The mixed media piece “Teacher” on my portfolio page, was actually an abstracted piece with my art teacher as the model. She always took all of her students outside of their comfort zones for the sole purpose of broadening their horizons. If it were not for my art instructors, I never would have attempted abstract art. I found I enjoyed it. I don’t do it very often, but I do occasionally find joy with it.

Lizzy Pritty Arts - Art Print Shop - Artist, Writer, Graphic Designer - missyjacobxmasgift

For me, painting landscapes or drawing people are my favorites. These two are what I excel at, in my opinion. That isn’t to say I don’t have talents elsewhere, but our best works typically appear from what is the most comfortable for us, and what helps us to feel we are succeeding. I have numerous examples of art pieces that are not posted on my portfolio. Some, as I have mentioned in previous articles, are merely practice pieces, or are pieces I felt were unworthy of praise. Someone may appreciate them and want to hang them on a wall. For me, I hide them in a portfolio bag. Some of the pieces were gifts for friends or family, and as such I only keep a photo of them, such as this charcoal drawing.

Photo of Painting: Autumn Lakes
Autumn Lakes
photo of a watercolor painting

I have continued to experiment over the years. I even did a watercolor landscape. My mother had always wanted a watercolor landscape, and I finally was able to provide her with her desire. This piece is actually the “Autumn Lakes” painting on my portfolio page. After my mother passed away, my father gave me the painting back for sentimental reasons. It is one of the few original paintings I will never sell. I am willing to sell prints or canvas prints, but the original will always remain with me as a tribute to my mother. Though I will never say it was my best work, “Autumn Lakes” is still a piece I am proud of. Another watercolor piece I recently created, was as a thank you tribute to one of my best friends. This one also held sentimental value for her, as it was a tribute to her beloved grandmother.

As I have said in the past, I may not be the best or most talented artist, but I think it is safe to say with confidence I am not the worst either. Though I sometimes struggle to believe it myself, due to my anxiety, during certain times, I feel comfortable and confident in knowing that someone somewhere wants to hang my works on their walls. Even if that is not the case, then at least I enjoyed myself making them. That is what art truly is about. Creating beloved pieces because it brings the artist as much joy as those looking at the artwork.

Art supplies on Amazon

photo of product photography example keychain collage


Today I want to discuss the various experiences I have had throughout my life with the various arts, why I feel each one of these is an art form, and where it has taken me in my life. Each of these experiences has shaped who I am today as an artist and writer. I have my favorites, but each of these has held a special place in my heart. I will touch on all of these, but some of them I will go into further details in a separate article, as it will create too long a read for all at once. I will refer back to this original post for each of the subsequent articles.

The first and most obvious is the visual arts. I have always enjoyed drawing even as a child. This is unfortunately a topic that will require a separate post. The passion behind the visual arts will be very clear within an article alone. Nevertheless, I will mention that the love for creating anything aesthetically appealing started in this form. Some of the examples even include creating Starbucks advertising signs with liquid chalk markers on a chalkboard.

Photo of Artwork: Dancers

The next topic is performing arts. In high school, I did three years of dance in ballet, jazz, and modern dancing. I progressed through the ranks from beginner, through intermediate I, and then finally in intermediate II. I enjoyed this. Not only was I physically fit, but I also got to use myself as an art medium. Some of my visual artwork pieces are inspired by the time I danced. For example, the image here for “Dancers” is based on a photograph of a performance I was in. I am the one in the middle. I need to try to locate the photo this was based on, but it will probably take a lot of digging through old sentimental totes full of things from over the years. Regardless, this mixed medium piece is just one of many examples of how dancing influenced my arts, not just as a subject for paintings and drawings, but also as an art form itself. Though I was far from being advanced or a professional, it was still an art form I cherished greatly. After high school, I stopped dancing. I, unfortunately, could never return to dancing now due to so many injuries. This is an art form that will remain a cherished memory.

Photo of a website

In college, I pursued the digital and graphic arts, in particular Web design. I have an associate’s degree as an internet specialist – web design and development profession. Unfortunately, I graduated college in 2009, and the web design industry was rapidly changing. I had a couple of gigs with web design after college, and I have even designed logos on a freelance basis. I have dappled in other forms of digital arts, such as using photoshop or other similar software to paint with a drawing tablet or even used an actual tablet with a specialized pen optimized for older model tablets. Though my experience is limited in the graphic arts, I am very confident in the abilities I do have.

Photo of a cake

Somewhere after college and web design, I was working in retail and in particular within a bakery in a retail store. It was there I learned not only a love for baking, but also another art form: cake decorating. This was another art form I adored, and still adore to this day. Though numerous injuries prevent me from being able to do baking and cake decorating the way I once could. I have decorated wedding cakes, both for the bride and the groom. I made my own wedding cake and grooms cake for my husband and I. There are numerous instances of this art form I have done. Though I cannot really do it anymore without a significant amount of help, it is still something I try to enjoy from time to time.

photograph of jellyfish

Photography is another limited experience art I have only touched on. I enjoy taking photos, and even with a mobile device, in particular my cellphone, I have taken remarkable pictures. One example is the Jellyfish photo. This photo was taken with a simple cellphone. Moreover, the photo was also taken from outside of an aquarium tank. I know and recognize the photo is not perfect by any means, but when one looks the photo over it is not necessarily immediately obvious that the photo is not taken from inside the ocean itself. There are a couple of minor things that are apparent after looking closely, such as a small glare. However, even the glare can be brushed off as small animal particles floating alongside the jellyfish. This is an art form I would like to get more experience in.

Photo example of product photography

Crafts is the next art form. This is a very broad spectrum, but is overall typically categorized as ‘art with a function,’ and it is hard to make a comprehensive list, but I will provide some examples of the types of works I have done. One example included creating a painting on a piece of furniture, clay mosaics, jewelry creation, crochet work, and more. Though I enjoy crafts and DIY projects, it is not my most favorite art form.

The last art form that I have dabbled in would be writing. Writing is something I have also always enjoyed. Though I have never had anything published, some of the works I have done include short stories, poetry, fan fiction, and essays. Writing is another art form I have minimal experience in but would like to further delve into.

Photo of an abstract painting

Finding My Muse – “Practice Piece #1”

Photo of an abstract painting

As an artist that fights anxiety every day of my life, posting pieces that, personally, I feel are not worthy of trying to sell is hard for me to do. However, sometimes we need to come out of our comfort zones to grow and develop ourselves further. The original post this is referenced from can be found under Finding My Muse.

Any “practice piece” posted is one I felt was mediocre at best. That does not mean it is not appealing to some. This merely means that I am not overly pleased with the outcome.

This particular piece is an abstract piece painted in 2006 and is acrylic on poster-board. I feel there are many flaws, which is why it is put into the “hall of shame” to rarely see the light of day.

However, I am keeping my promise that for every like of Finding My Muse, I will post a practice piece. Critiques are welcome so long as they are professional in manner. I hope you enjoy “Fantasial.”

woman sitting by lake

Anxiety and The Arts

Photo of someone with anxiety

One thing I battle with daily is anxiety. Anxiety can get in the way of numerous things, including being creative and productive in the arts. There are some days where the anxiety is so strong it is difficult to even get out of bed that morning, let alone be able to paint, write, or create anything. There can be numerous causes for the anxiety, but for me in particular, I always ask the question, “Is my artwork and writing good enough?”

First and foremost, I know a few things realistically. The first thing is that nothing is ever perfect no matter how much I want to be a perfectionist, period. Secondly, I also know that there will always be artwork or even pieces of artwork, that I will always feel far exceeds my talents and skills. The skill of a good artist is to know this, accept it, and still put out the best pieces one can. This does not mean the anxieties are not hiding in the background.

Photo of someone with anxiety

I know for me, I occasionally stop to ponder, “Is my work good enough?” I ask myself if I should even try, or if anyone will want to look at the works I create or read the words I put to paper. Is anything I have to say in my writing or paintings and drawings worth the effort? The first reaction to these questions for a person with anxiety is doubt coupled with insecurities. The key is to take that doubt and those insecurities and use them as a stepping stool to creating works instead of dwelling on them. Dwelling on them won’t make great works, but a stepping stool allows us to reach greater heights. No, the anxieties, the insecurities, are never actually gone. Even with a confident facade, every artist has a lingering doubt somewhere that whispers to us in the back of the mind. Do we choose to believe that voice, or do we use them to make ourselves better?

Photo of someone painting

For many years, my anxiety prevented me from painting or drawing. I even danced ballet, jazz, and modern dance once upon a time. I loved and enjoyed it, and still do to this day. Though I have nowhere near the skills to successfully become a prima ballerina, not to mention several injuries preventing me from ever being able to pursue that art form, I still enjoyed it. Dancing will never amount to the joy I feel with expressing myself through words or visual arts.

I know realistically there is always a chance my love and hobby may never take off to great heights. Instead of being discouraged and staying with a job that may exacerbate the anxieties already hidden deep, I choose to continue to create art and write to my heart’s content. If I am successful, it will be the icing on my cake. If I am not successful, then at least I can say I gave it my best effort and enjoyed the process.

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Finding My Muse

There is one very common struggle for any artist or writer that typically occurs at least once, but can happen multiple times. The age-old question of “what do I paint” or “what should I write about today?” In a previous article, I mentioned “making the time,” in which I touched on changing “I don’t have the time” to “I will make the time.” This can go hand-in-hand with “what should my subject be about today?” How does this go hand-in-hand you ask? Quite simply, it is as easy as “well, I don’t truly have the time, and because I don’t know what I want my subject to be, I will stop, and think about it, and come back to it later.”

I have fallen into this trap numerous times. Working the “9 to 5” jobs, it can be difficult to squeeze everything in, from doctor’s appointments and birthday parties for your child, to even sitting down and writing an article, or drawing a sketch. Though most artists, including writers, typically are inspired by something to create their great works, sometimes, it is just taking the time to sit down and put down on paper whatever meets our fancy. There have been times where I desperately wanted to paint, as it gives my soul meaning, but I did not know what to paint. Sometimes, just throwing some paint onto a canvas, or sketching something with a different medium, no matter if it isn’t something worthy of hanging on someone’s wall, can be the inspiration one needs.

I have more artwork pieces tucked away in a portfolio, that though I enjoyed and had fun creating them, are not exactly pieces I would show off, and don’t usually see the light of day. A couple of them were such quick sketches, they almost look like my toddler colored them. Nevertheless, these “practice pieces” can open the door to newer and fresher ideas. Some of my blog articles will probably be “practice pieces” and may even bring a chuckle or a giggle. Sometimes, the best muse and inspiration is to just do something, even if it ends up being an epic failure.

Though I cringe to offer this, for every ‘like’ this post receives, I will make a post, referencing this one, with a “practice piece” example. Giggles, critiques, and commentary will always be welcome, so long as it stays professional, of course! I just ask for mercy!

bored formal man watching laptop at desk

“I Don’t Have The Time” – #1 Devastating Excuse

bored formal man watching laptop at desk
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“I Don’t Have The Time”

Today’s topic has been on my mind the entire weekend: making time. In today’s world, we are often caught up in day-to-day things and everyday lives. Many of us have said at least once, “I don’t have the time.” There are numerous reasons we as humans forget about the world around us to focus on our own. It can be things such as work, family, or even spending time with friends.

We are often so busy and forget what is important in life. I know I am guilty of this as well. For example, my goal is to post a blog article once a day if possible, or multiple posts to make up for days “missed” for various reasons.

The reason this particular post has been on my mind is due to this particular weekend being very busy, from seeing family, trying to keep a toddler occupied and busy, and even focusing on aspects to finalize getting my freelancing gigs underway. With the weekend so busy, it was very difficult to find time to sit down to breathe, let alone write an article. That is not to say there were not articles and topics bouncing through my head.

There were small moments where there may have been a few minutes to sit and focus on writing, but overall, despite my efforts, the time escaped me. Thankfully I had ideas and topics that stayed with me throughout the weekend, but my own life experiences even beyond this weekend have led me to always appreciate the smallest and the most important things.

Every moment is precious, and we should not squander it. Though there are times where we will not have the time, or we tell ourselves “I don’t have the time” for this or that, the goal is to always try to make time, not just for the necessary things, such as work or making a living, but to also spend time with friends, family, and remember the important things in life. We need to turn the “I don’t have the time” into an “I will make time” statement.

Thus my current article. Things are still chaotic for this weekend, but I am taking the time to at least get one blog article in place, and pen my thoughts and ideas to paper. I cannot be successful if I do not apply myself in all areas of my life.

Despite the busy, chaotic weekend, I have made the time to apply myself to work, and also to focus on family and loved ones. If nothing else comes from my short article, then hopefully at least the concept to love and appreciate all aspects of life, no matter how trivial or important, and use it to always make the time for both the joys and the necessities.

Photo of three cats in a window

Pets and the arts

I recently read a blog article from Artistcoveries, that got my mind inspired and thinking about my own experiences with pets and how they interact with us as humans, particularly when we are creating our works. The article, which can be found on Artistcoveries blog, and highlights a personal story of hers involving pets, in this instance cats, as well as the artist Klimt and his relation and love of cats.

Reading through the article made me think of my own pets, again cats in particular, and how they interact with me and what I am doing at the time. Even know, I have a cat in the room with me, sleeping somewhere, who will randomly appear and walk across my desk, typing away nonsensical things or blocking the view of one of three screens attached to my desktop computer in an attempt to gain my attention. It has become a non-spoken game that she will walk across my desk, I give her a quick pat before picking her up and setting her on the floor.
There are numerous instances of other examples. Such as, there is nothing worse than being mid-painting and all of a sudden you are rushing to the bathroom to bathe a very irritated paint-covered feline yowling indignantly because he or she must get wet. Perhaps there is even humor in the scenario of leaving the room to go use the facilities, and upon return there is a very content feline glaring audaciously at one’s person as they are sprawled across a keyboard, the latest work (be it writing or digital art) now flickering in an alarming manner, and one knows the cat is thinking “I dare you to move me.” There is a saying in my household we use to express what our cats most likely are thinking when they sit on our electronics, and it is said from the perspective of the aforementioned feline: they usually look at us in a way that says, “If not made for sits, then why made of warms?” What about the pet who lays down in a craft project, and one now needs to get the glue unstuck from their fur (this is especially a nightmare for long-haired pets as it has more surface area to stick to), and you come away with “battle scars” from the encounter with a very upset kitty.

Photo of a cat sleeping by a computer taken by E. A. Pritchett
Photo of a cat sleeping by a computer taken by E. A. Pritchett

There are numerous instances of other examples. Such as, there is nothing worse than being mid-painting and all of a sudden you are rushing to the bathroom to bathe a very irritated paint-covered feline yowling indignantly because he or she must get wet. Perhaps there is even humor in the scenario of leaving the room to go use the facilities, and upon return there is a very content feline glaring audaciously at one’s person as they are sprawled across a keyboard, the latest work (be it writing or digital art) now flickering in an alarming manner, and one knows the cat is thinking “I dare you to move me.”

Photo of a cat sleeping on a woman taken by E. A. Pritchett
Photo of a cat sleeping on a woman taken by E. A. Pritchett

There is a saying in my household we use to express what our cats most likely are thinking when they sit on our electronics, and it is said from the perspective of the aforementioned feline: they usually look at us in a way that says, “If not made for sits, then why made of warms?” What about the pet who lays down in a craft project, and one now needs to get the glue unstuck from their fur (this is especially a nightmare for long-haired pets as it has more surface area to stick to), and you come away with “battle scars” from the encounter with a very upset kitty.

Photo of three cats in a window taken by E. A. Pritchett
Photo of three cats in a window taken by E. A. Pritchett

I have had numerous cats over the years, many of which have long since passed the Rainbow Bridge. I am down to two cats now: a long-haired, rag-doll, black cat named Angel, and a short-haired, gray, chunky chunk aptly named Darth Kitteous, or Darthy for short (and yes, it is a Star Wars reference because I am the only person she seems to like and tolerate). Angel is my old girl at about 10 years old, and is starting to show her age, while Darthy is roughly five years old and dive-bombs my head to snuggle with me when I am laying in bed.

Photo of three cats laying on a couch taken by E. A. Pritchett
Photo of three cats laying on a couch taken by E. A. Pritchett

All-in-all, the overall point is that with me starting my freelancing career in various art forms, I am reminded of the past occurrences and grimace at the thought of the upcoming events that await me. It is enough to send shivers up one’s spine, and yet despite all, it is what helps create memories of creating each piece. I am hopeful, however, that nothing involves feline baths. Brushing and grooming my little “fur-babies” is difficult enough.
Here is to hopefully many more fun adventures with my cats and my creations, and thank you Artistcoveries for the inspiration for this post!