The Social Media Hunt

I know that all of my sites and social media are quite linked together by now, and as such, it may not necessarily be critical to have a post specifically to where all of these applicable social media sites are. This list will most likely grow over time but currently is focused around these places as I venture further into my self-employed freelancing business. Nevertheless, I want to make the list:

  • Obviously my main page LizzyPrittyArts is available, so I won’t elaborate on this.
  • The next one that is probably obvious would be my LizzyPritty Arts Facebook page. This is a very common and standard social media platform so I won’t elaborate much on this one either.
  • Twitter is another standard social media platform, and though most of my posts come from this very blog, there will be some retweets as well.
  • Many professionals also have a LinkedIn account. I never really was overly active on LinkedIn previously as it often would be cumbersome, but to help promote and broadcast my freelancing, I have taken a more active approach.
  • We come into some of the more entrepreurial aspects, the first of which is my Etsy Shop for LizzyPrittyArts. My overall goal for here is to mostly sell paintings and drawings, though I do plan to maintain ownership of any photos of the work for digital prints or canvas prints.
  • The next stop is Fiverr for freelancers to be able to showcase their skills and obtain commissions for various works, including logo design, photoshop editing, and even writing gigs. Currently I only have two gigs established at the time this post is written, but I plan to add more.
  • DeviantArt is something I have dappled in for fun in prior years, but only recently established it to assist with a self-employed freelancing business. Currently previous artworks and photographs are listed for sale as photo prints, canvas prints, or even downloads.
  • A few of my social media sites are more for exposure and portfolio purposes to start with, though there is a chance for income earned through these sites as well. Dribbble is no exception to this.
  • One of the more complex entreprenueral sites includes LizzyPrittyArts for Patreon, which is actually the site where my freelance business name began. Currently my previous fine arts works are listed here, though eventually I hope to establish digital paintings and drawings primarily here and DeviantArt.
  • I have a profile with Upworks as well, which operates in a similar manner as Fiverr with elements from DeviantArt in how commissions and works are created and published.
  • Currently my last social media is more of a secondary mini website created from my DeviantArt submissions through a web-hosting establishment called Wix. It is customized to resemble my primary website and more for the purpose of complementing it rather than detracting from it.

Yes, the long-term goal is to earn a living from all of my works, but at the end of the day, I am pursuing the one thing my heart has always loved to do, and that is creating works of art. For me, this includes fine arts such as drawing and painting, digital arts and graphic design, crafts, and even writing. I know I am very new to this entire process, but establishing this has given me a drive and passion to succeed. Behind every good artist or writer, is a passion to succeed.

Published by E.A. Pritchett

I am a hardworking wife and mother of one daughter who loves my family and friends, art, writing, baking, and cake decorating. I bring passion into everything I do, from loving my family to creating and designing. Drawing and painting are the arts I am the most passionate about, but any aspect that involves creating, such as cake decorating, graphic design, digital artwork, or even writing, I enjoy divulging into. I express myself in the works I create with pop, flair, and personality. I have always enjoyed reading, writing, drawing, painting, crocheting, and playing video games, and I use the passion in doing these as hobbies, to turn them into a blissful career. I hope to have the honor of my next creative piece being for you.

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