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Why Do I Want To Be An Artist & Writer?

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I feel this is a question many artists and writers have asked themselves: Why do I want to be an artist and/or writer? For me, there are numerous reasons. I have always enjoyed the arts, as my previous posts have implied. Nothing gives me the same type of joy that art and writing do. Even sitting down to crochet a scarf or sketch elements of the human face brings joy to my heart. Yet, that does not truly answer why I want to be an artist and a writer. What truly drives me down this path?

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The honest answer is both simple and complex. Simply stated is because I want to and it is what makes me happy. The more complex answer lies in the details behind the simple answer. I want to bring joy, not just to myself, but to everyone. Art and writing are a way to express myself and bring joy to others through paints and words. More importantly, I want to be an artist, because it is the one career path that I have felt such joy with.

Being an artist is not a “get rich quick” path by any means, especially for a freelancer. However, through hard work and diligence, one can be successful. I have tried numerous career paths, but nothing brings the same joy that painting on canvas or putting words on paper does. No other job or career fits me as a person. So ultimately, why do I want to be an artist and writer? Art and writing are what makes me feel complete!

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