Photo of an abstract painting

Finding My Muse – “Practice Piece #1”

Photo of an abstract painting

As an artist that fights anxiety every day of my life, posting pieces that, personally, I feel are not worthy of trying to sell is hard for me to do. However, sometimes we need to come out of our comfort zones to grow and develop ourselves further. The original post this is referenced from can be found under Finding My Muse.

Any “practice piece” posted is one I felt was mediocre at best. That does not mean it is not appealing to some. This merely means that I am not overly pleased with the outcome.

This particular piece is an abstract piece painted in 2006 and is acrylic on poster-board. I feel there are many flaws, which is why it is put into the “hall of shame” to rarely see the light of day.

However, I am keeping my promise that for every like of Finding My Muse, I will post a practice piece. Critiques are welcome so long as they are professional in manner. I hope you enjoy “Fantasial.”

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