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Finding My Muse

There is one very common struggle for any artist or writer that typically occurs at least once, but can happen multiple times. The age-old question of “what do I paint” or “what should I write about today?” In a previous article, I mentioned “making the time,” in which I touched on changing “I don’t have the time” to “I will make the time.” This can go hand-in-hand with “what should my subject be about today?” How does this go hand-in-hand you ask? Quite simply, it is as easy as “well, I don’t truly have the time, and because I don’t know what I want my subject to be, I will stop, and think about it, and come back to it later.”

I have fallen into this trap numerous times. Working the “9 to 5” jobs, it can be difficult to squeeze everything in, from doctor’s appointments and birthday parties for your child, to even sitting down and writing an article, or drawing a sketch. Though most artists, including writers, typically are inspired by something to create their great works, sometimes, it is just taking the time to sit down and put down on paper whatever meets our fancy. There have been times where I desperately wanted to paint, as it gives my soul meaning, but I did not know what to paint. Sometimes, just throwing some paint onto a canvas, or sketching something with a different medium, no matter if it isn’t something worthy of hanging on someone’s wall, can be the inspiration one needs.

I have more artwork pieces tucked away in a portfolio, that though I enjoyed and had fun creating them, are not exactly pieces I would show off, and don’t usually see the light of day. A couple of them were such quick sketches, they almost look like my toddler colored them. Nevertheless, these “practice pieces” can open the door to newer and fresher ideas. Some of my blog articles will probably be “practice pieces” and may even bring a chuckle or a giggle. Sometimes, the best muse and inspiration is to just do something, even if it ends up being an epic failure.

Though I cringe to offer this, for every ‘like’ this post receives, I will make a post, referencing this one, with a “practice piece” example. Giggles, critiques, and commentary will always be welcome, so long as it stays professional, of course! I just ask for mercy!

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